Wednesday, January 26, 2011

X is for Patterns

The ABC’s of window treatments………….
I couldn’t think of one window treatment word that started with “X” so I’m going with an X pattern, also trellis and diamond.  This bedroom has a great trellis pattern fabric.  Notice how they used draperies on the large window and roman shades on the small ones.  We do this quite often because a lot of times the bed is so close to the window and you might not want fabric behind the night stands.

                                                                        Source: via Tammy on Pinterest

Roman shades are a great choice when you want to really see the pattern, you never know what it’s going to do once you gather it.  This quarterfoil fabric happened to make an interesting pattern once it was pleated.

Bamboo trellis is still one of my favorite patterns.  It looks great on chairs and cushions.

This Serena and Lily X bench is upholstered in a diamond pattern.  They are classic and I  don’t think they will ever go out of style.

         Source: via Tammy on Pinterest

I’m in the process of my staircase renovation and this is the carpet that I’m having made into a runner.  Hopefully, it will be finished next week and I can share it with you.

I’m coming to the end of my ABC series, If you have any ideas for “Y” please feel free to suggest them.

Custom window treatments can be the single most important element in pulling together your decorating scheme. 
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Susan Kostelecky said...

Wow, I love the fabric in the first photo! Gorgeous! Great post, too. Ideas for "Y": youthful, yellow, "yes" to custom treatments :)...that's all I have for now. Love your blog!
Susan Kostelecky

Anonymous said...

I like both the trellis and quatrefoil patterns, and you inspiration images. Looking forward to seeing your carpet runner!

Happy weekend, Tammy...

Storibook Designs said...

Nice tie in to "X" Tammy and that first image was a great choice: serious impact!

Y is for "Y (Why)Choose BG Custom Windows" ?

AB HOME Interiors said...

Love me some trellis-Thanks Kelly Wearstler! She put that pattern on the map and I have been loving it ever since! Great job on the drapes!

Anonymous said...

Way to incorporate an "x"! Love the pattern!
Happy Thursday!

LittleBlackHome said...

Creative thinking with the "X"! I love trellis patterns. That first picture is really nice.

Maybe you could do a "Y" in the world would you do that? and show bad window treatments, sort of a "Drapery Don'ts". Can't wait to see your stairs!

Tammy@InStitches said...

ohemgee, Eddie and Jaithan visited my blog !
Thanks for all your suggestions for "Y" . Alicia, I love your idea but I don't think I'm snarky enough to pull it off ! Although I do have one perfect pic for it, makes me giggle just thinking about it.

Storibook Designs said...

Wowza Tammy; how exciting is that!! Congratulations for capturing the eye of Eddie & Jaithan! Whooohoooo for you!!!

Karen@StrictlySimpleStyle said...

I'd never tire of these patterns.

How about "yardage" for "Y".

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