Thursday, February 25, 2010

Office Space

I have my office space downstairs in the study and my workroom on the third floor.  Running up and down the stairs is a little inconvenient at times but it keeps me skinny !



I was over at Bryn Alexander’s and got inspired to finally cover my mouse pad with a scrap of my drapery fabric.  What….. your mouse pad doesn’t match your drapes ?


My Inspiration board with pretty images and sayings……… An inspiration board is a place where you can collect things that inspire you to create.  It can have magazine pictures, quotes, flowers, keepsakes, fabrics, poems  or anything that gets your creative juices flowing.  I have a tip on mine that says, “When opportunity knocks, open the door, for heaven’s sake !”


Flicker has a lot of photos to get you inspired to make one….

What about you, do you already have one ?

Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Scalamandre Le Tigre Silk

My Workroom Wednesday post will not be here today because of some technical difficulties with photos but it will be back next week.  We’ll call today, “What’s on my Worktable Wednesday”  and it’s a good one !


I’m sure you recognize this Scalamandre Le Tigre Silk velvet.  It is one of Scalamandre’s most sought after fabrics, retailing for $1500 to $2000 a yard !  It is hand woven in Italy made of 60 % silk 30% cotton and 10% viscose. 


I’m going to be making 6-8 pillows from this yummy fabric.  I had a pair of pants very similar to this in the 90’s….. Oh, I wish I had saved those pants so I could rock them while sewing these pillows.

Maybe I’ll at least play this song from Marie Antoinette while sewing……

Check out James Andrew lounging on the Le Tigre Silk chaise, no, he calls it a “Dos a Dos” throne wearing his Yves Saint Laurent aubergine “Eton” boots. 


Let’s face it, if you’re going to be lounging on that you need the aubergine boots on…………….. or nothing at all !

Do you love it ?

Sunday, February 21, 2010

Thrift to Treasure

We took a trip to the flea market today and found lots of goodies.  I bought 2 of these cheap, gold frames and they were 25 % off.  We stopped by the hardware store and got more spray paint, dover white.  I don't know why I only buy one at a time !

Step 1:  Prime with Kilz and paint ( I used dover white)

Step 2:  Staple fabric to the back of frame.  I used the same silk that I made my roman shades with.


I decided to make this a necklace holder about this time so I had to find some way to attach hooks to it.  I wish I could remember where I saw this so I could link to it but I have no idea :(   Oh yeah, and I didn't want to make another trip out so I had to find some way to "make it work". 

Step 3:  Cut boards the width of the frame minus 1/2" each side.

Step 4:  Attach boards to the back of frame with 3/4" brads and a few staples.

Step 5:  I used tenter hooks because that's what I had on hand and staggered them across the frame.

Step 6:  Hot glue a sawtooth hanger on the back.

I hung it in my bedroom and filled it up really quickly.  It holds about 16 necklaces and I have a lot more so I will be finishing the second one exactly the same way and hanging it beside this one.  The top looked empty so I stuck a tassel on it..............

I think I read that pairs in the bedroom are good feng shui so off I go to finish the second one.  I'm linking to Susan's party at BNOP for Metamorphosis Monday,  The DIY Show off Party, and Tatertots and Jello's Weekend Wrap Up Party.......go check them out !

Friday, February 19, 2010

Happy Friday

It's going to be sunny and warm in NC this weekend.  Zoe is so excited that she's going to get to go outside.  I hope you all have a great weekend !

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Workroom Wednesday – Storibook Designs

I have started a series that will showcase a different drapery workroom each week.  These talented artisans can take an idea or a photo and a bolt of fabric and turn it into an amazing creation that adds so much to your home.


Drawing upon her professional clothing and textile background, Sarah Devaney-O’Neil, home furnishings designer and artisan, founded StoriBook Designs, combining her skills with a creative and colorful eye, to offer innovative and imaginative designs for the homes of today’s busy families.

Providing for both residential and commercial clients, Storibook Designs considers windows to walls and everything in between.  From start to finish, they source, design, render, illustrate, fabricate and install their projects.

This jagged edge valance made by Sarah was inspired by a photo in a BHG Window and Wall magazine. 


These swags and jabots are made of a toile print on linen and mounted on custom iron hardware by Helser Brothers.


They make all kinds of beautiful pillows and this bolster has all the bells and whistles:  braid, brush fringe, gathered ends and a fabric covered button.


You can see the detail in this embroidered silk panel with plaid banding and buttons.  I really love this one !


Storibook Designs makes custom bedding like this pretty pastel corona with sheer panels underneath.


They also do upholstery and slipcovers and will help you evaluate whether to recover your old furniture or if it is time to get something new.


What a cute and clever way to use all those scraps.


They also carry fine European fabrics, this collection is Urban Delights,  isn’t it fun !


You can visit Storibook Design’s website HERE

and Sarah’s blog HERE


DD webuse

Sunday, February 14, 2010

My Workroom

Many of you have said that you would like to see my workroom so I spent some time last week cleaning and organizing so I could post pictures of it.   I can’t bring myself to post pics of the before so just imagine scraps all over the floor and dust bunnies the size of small children.
My work table is about 12’ by 5’ and holds a lot of fabric and tools.
This is where I keep all my sewing supplies like thread, pillow forms, cardboard tacking, pellon, crinoline, cording, shirring tapes, fishing line, rings, screw eyes, drapery pins, weights, glue bottles, spray adhesive, magic sizing,  grommets, staples, screws, giant lint roller, etc……..
I’m really excited about the change in this closet because it was a disaster ! 
These are the only folded scraps I kept.  I took the rest to the interior design class at the high school.  In the bucket is all my tassel making supplies and the red thing is a compressor for the staple gun.
I hung this new shelf for my trim supply.
There’s my garden where I frolic on my breaks, heehee.
My “desk” is where I keep all my notes and a calculator because there is a lot of math involved in making custom window coverings.
This is my baby lock serger, it is wonderful for seaming together widths of fabric and for hemming interlinings.
This commercial Singer is used for straight stitching and for zig zagging to sew on rings and gathering fabric. If you want to gather fabric and you don’t have the ruffle attachment you can take fishing line and tie little rings to each end and then zig zag over the fishing line and it will gather your fabric.
I’m going to try really hard to keep it clean and organized because it feels so good !

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Workroom Wednesday – Holbrook Hill

I have started a new series that will showcase a different drapery workroom each week.  These talented artisans can take an idea or a photo and a bolt of fabric and turn it into an amazing creation that adds so much to your home.


Holbrook Hill is a custom drapery studio serving Midlothian and the greater Richmond, VA area.   Sally Rosenlund  has been designing and sewing soft home furnishings since 1991.  Their products include custom window treatments, bedding, upholstered headboards, cushions, pillows, custom dog beds and more. 


Their services include:

  • In-home design consultation
  • Fabrics, trims and hardware choices for shopping at home
  • Blinds, shades and shutters to address your privacy and light control needs
  • Computer renderings so you can visualize before you buy
  • High quality fabrication techniques with unique detailing
  • Professional measure and installation to ensure a perfect fit

You may visit their website at to see more about Sally and her delightful interior details.

These beautiful treatments were fabricated by Holbrook Hill………

Striped panels with the Moreland valance.


Striped sheer panels paired with a suede cornice embellished with nailheads.


Stagecoach valance.


Toile london shade with buttons and ruffle.


Beautiful assortment of bed pillows.


Aren’t these wonderful ?  They would look good in my bedroom !


Fun pillows and custom spread in a little girl’s room.


Member WCAA


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