Friday, July 29, 2011

Fabric Friday

This week I have a fabric on my worktable that is exciting and beautiful….Fabric Friday worthy !

It’s called “Tribal Thread” and the pattern reminds me of an antique suzani.

suzani fabric

The colors are wedgewood blue, sky blue and cream with raised embroidered emblems in Federal Blue. Because of the embroidery, the whole curtain will be sewn by hand and lined in blackout lining so the threads  don’t show through in the sunlight.

suzani fabric

These panels will also have a 2” border of blue linen down the leading edges and Euro pleats at the top.

suzani fabric

They are going to be keeping me company in the workroom for quite a while ………….. good thing they’re so pretty.

Do you love it ?

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Saturday, July 9, 2011

Headboard Smorgasbord

Say that 3 times really fast !

I just finished my first diamond tufted headboard. My #1 tip: Don’t drill your thumb nail ! I’ve sewn it with the machine, stapled it to a cornice and now drilled it, hazards of the job I suppose.

tufted headbaord

This one also had a 2” shirred band all the way around the outside.

Traditionally, the diamonds are taller than they are wide, I used 7/8” buttons on this one.

tufted headboard

Beth, at The Stories of A to Z is looking for ideas so here are a few more of my headboards………..

With a double row of nail heads:


Funky shape and fat cord:


Smooth border:


Beth has some great ones posted if you are looking for ideas go to her blog.

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