Thursday, June 24, 2010

Happy Birthday


Today is the first birthday of In Stitches !

I want to thank you so much for reading and ask what you would like to see and hear more about.

Today is also my little angel’s 13th Birthday, time sure does fly.



Happy Birthday

Mommy loves you !!

Wednesday, June 23, 2010

F is for Fabricut

The ABC’s of window treatments

Fabricut is one of the largest, most progressive distributors of decorative fabrics in the world and is one of my go to fabric lines.

Lillian August is a textile and furniture designer whose collection is traditional with an uptown vibe. The pattern on this chair is Tea Ceremony in Brown Patina.


These fun fabrics are from their Bella-Dura Indoor/Outdoor collection, which is environmentally friendly. From top to bottom they are Ambiance, Scrollwork and Fantasy Island.


Couldn’t you see a glamorous dressing room with these black and cream fabrics used as portiere curtains. 

Left to right:
Crystal City: Black Pearl
Valli: Ivory
Random Scribble: Tuxedo


Oh, how I love a creamy neutral room.  In pictures only because that wouldn’t fly at my house with animals, kids and koolaid.


Wreath Imperial in Peridot covers this Ritz Chair with the drapery in Belle Epoque: colorway Aquacitrine. 


I’m using this Fabricut faux leather Pattern Melbourne in my guest room for project #3.


Here’s a sneak peek of the headboard.  As soon as UPS gets here I’ll be adding some nickel nail heads !


As of last month they have acquired Stroheim from JAB and that will extend their reach into high end textiles and wallpapers.


Wednesday, June 16, 2010

E is for Embellishments

The ABC’s  of window treatments

Embellishments are details that we add to our window treatments to make them more interesting and to express our style.

Fringes and tiebacks are the most popular way to add detail and emphasize curves. I made these sheers from a Kravet fabric that has flowers embroidered on it.


Pillows are a great place to showcase embroidery and this one has antique French metallic embroidery on yellow silk moire fabric. 


                           Photo from B Viz Design

Greek key trim is used to outline the panels, valance and coverlet in this bedroom.  I can’t remember where I found this picture, tell me if you know ……….


A hand pleated ruffle is a nice detail for the bottom of valances and on the edges of duvet covers.  Notice the valance below also has a cording on top of the ruffle.


I can’t wait to do an applique like this one that Susan Kostelecky showed our WCAA group at a recent meeting.


Buttons are a nice touch on these london shades by Sally at Holbrook Hills.  They can also be used on pillows, valances and panels.


I can think of at least ten other embellishments but I’m going to save some for the rest of the alphabet !

What’s your style …………… Plain Jane or Jazzed up ?

Monday, June 14, 2010

Nate Day

The Moggit Girls have declared today “Nate Day” on Twitter and all across Blogland.   He reminds me of Mr. Stitches, maybe that’s why I like him so much.  Can you see it ?
Natepic DSC02236
Or maybe it’s the beautiful, clean interiors that he designs.
I love the colors and textures that he uses and he doesn’t forget about the window treatments.
Or maybe it’s his furniture line at HSN.  I would love to have this somewhere in my home.

His show premieres on September 13th and he is going to have an audience full of design bloggers for one of his shows.  Can’t wait for that !

Head over to the party for more Nate eye candy.

Wednesday, June 9, 2010

D is for Drapery Hardware

The ABC’s of window treatments


Panels are a big trend in window coverings right now and a very important part of the treatment is hardware

Rods range in diameter from 1/2” to 3” and can be made from wrought iron, steel or wood.  They have typically been round but now are available in square for a more contemporary look.


                                      Photo Amanda Nisbet


                                        Photo Amanda Nisbet

There are many finishes and colors…………. black is always a popular choice.  The white poles below contrast against the dark grey walls.


                                                                 Photo J & S Drapery

We used these glamorous 3” silver leaf poles in Palm Beach for MAMS Designs.



We finished installing the house with a couple of hours of daylight left !

What ever your style, there is drapery hardware to fit it.

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