Monday, May 31, 2010

C is for Cornices

The ABC’s of window treatments

Cornices are typically made of wood, padded and upholstered with fabric.  One great thing about cornices is all the shapes they can be made and embellishments that can be added.  The cornice below is arched like the window and has tassels and tufting for extra detail.

Osprey FL

By Holly Bucciarelli Designed by Monica Rissler

This sketch shows a cornice with a straight bottom and a formal shape at the top. 


Source Jackie Von Tobel

A pagoda cornice is flared out at the sides and brings an Oriental influence to the room.


                                                  Cornice by Merlyn Corcoran

Always consider the print on the fabric when planning the shape of your cornice.  The contrast cording on the edge really pops !


                                                 By Taralyn Ferrell

This is one of my favorite designs because it could be used in a contemporary or traditional room depending on the fabric. 


                                           Source Classic Elegance

This one is clean and simple but what makes it special is the quilted fabric and the tapestry bell pulls on the ends.


                                                Source Classic Elegance

I made this animal print cornice for my Dad’s sitting room 15 years ago and I bet he will have it another 15 years. 

Remember this saying, “When you buy quality you only cry once !”


I consider cornices a timeless choice for covering your windows so I’ll be linking to Paula Grace’s Timeless Tuesday Party.


Thursday, May 27, 2010

B is for Bullion Fringe

The ABC’s of Window Treatments

Since there are so many confusing terms about window treatments I’ve decided to include materials as well as styles in this series. 

B is for bullion fringe…………. Bullion fringe is a long fringe with individual twisted cords.  It comes in 2.5”, 6” and 9” lengths and can be a solid color or multi colored.


Bullion fringe can be used to soften a piece of furniture by adding it to the bottom of sofas, chairs and ottomans like the one by Hickory Chair below.


                                 Source Hickory Chair

It is also a good trim to add to the bottom of valances and shades to highlight the curvy shape.

It looks great on pillows and table runners too.



                           Source Salado

Here’s an example of just how creative you can get with trim !  Every child needs a Moroccan inspired playhouse complete with lounging area and lanterns.


                                                               Source HGTV

Wednesday, May 26, 2010

A is for Austrian Shade

The ABC’s of Window Treatments

When you think of covering your windows you might only think of panels and blinds but there are many more options.  For the next month I will show a different type of window treatment for each letter of the alphabet.

A is for Austrian Shade……….. This is a workable shade that has fabric shirred vertically between scallops.  When this shade is down, the fabric is still gathered.


                              Source Jackie Von Tobel

Suitable fabrics for this treatment would be sheers or light weight drapery fabrics such as silk.  The pink silk one below is the prettiest one I’ve seen (and I didn’t even make it) !


              Source Elizabeth Houses

The style of this shade would be considered formal so it would be appropriate for a dining room or a master bath not your family room.


                Source House Calls

It makes a great first layer underneath panels because it tends to pull in at the sides a little when raised.

Austrian on sidelight

          Source DW Online

In the picture above it is shown on a sidelight for privacy and has tassels for embellishment.

You didn’t know frou frou could be so good, did you ?

Next up…… B is for Balloon Shade

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Installation of the Week

Wouldn't you love to have space in your home to turn into your dressing room ?  That's what my client did and I made these lovely drapery panels for her new room.  The fabric was a cream colored linen with blue floral embroidery.

We used hardware from Helser Brothers' Artigiani line.  It is their leading line of iron drapery hardware and has over 40 finials, 10 custom finishes and rods ranging from 7/8" to 2" diameter.  We chose the crown finish and it is so glamorous !

I have to share pics of her pet chickens, they are so cute........

The "leopard" chicken was my favorite !

Friday, May 14, 2010

Our Tour of Virginia Quilting

“Help people, solve their problems, they will want to do business with you,”  Wes McAden of Virginia Quilting.  Wes and his wife, Mary have been in the bedding and drapery business for over 30 years and they thrive on superb quality and excellent customer service.  They gave our Triangle WCAA group a tour of their facilities today and it was impressive.


They have multineedle quilting machines for bedspreads, coverlets and comforters.



Here’s our President, Bianca trying her hand at outline quilting.


This pattern is called vermicelli and is done completely freehand.  You can get many different designs like onion, double diamond, stained glass, channel and lots of others.  My go to patterns for quilting are channel and outline.


I’ve been fabricating for over 20 years and I saw machines that I didn’t even know existed.  I’m convinced that Wes could work on the space shuttle if it landed in his front yard.


They make a true custom product using the best bonded dacron and special touches like corded edges, split corners to go around bed posts, reverse pillow shams that makes making the bed easier. 

I have many more pics of their finished products which I will save until next week. 


I’m off to Pinehurst for a girls weekend !

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Fabrics from the Furniture Market

I spent most of my time in High Point looking at fabric showrooms and I wanted to share some pics with you.


Paisley….people either love it or hate it.  If you’ve been reading my blog you know I love it !


I’m still loving this color combination and this is a great mix of patterns. I could see the solid linen on a sofa, the circle print on a chair, the damask pattern on draperies and stripe pillows.



Black and white with a touch of red or yellow will always look sharp.


Silks are extremely popular, especially embroidered silks. 

Silk is a natural, lustrous fabric prized for its beauty for thousands of years.
In Roman times, silk fabric was so desirable that traders would bring it from China to Europe across Asia along a route known as the Silk Road. In Europe people would attach pieces of silk fabric to their clothes, like jewelry, as it was more expensive than gold.



There were a lot of great patterned sheers too.


While in High Point, I purchased a new fabric line, Catania Silks.  They have beautiful silks, sheers, trims and hardware.  I’m looking forward to creating lots of amazing window treatments with these.


Sunday, May 9, 2010

Happy Mother's Day

Moms Rock !

Moms are caring, loving, helpful, generous, thoughtful and I've been blessed with many wonderful ladies in my life that I want to wish a Happy Mother's Day.         I love you !

I hope all my Mom friends have a great day full of awesomeness. 

Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Project # 2 for Guest Room

Today I made a new roman shade for the guest/music room. I bought about 3 or 4 yds of Trina Turk, Sunglasses print, by Schumacher at Debois Textiles in Baltimore.  You can read about that adventure here.  Part of it was stained so I improvised and added two 8" bands of white to "make it work", Tim Gunn Style. I really wanted to brighten the room up with yellow and white so it ended up being a good thing.
Next project is a white headboard for the bed and some artwork. I think I'll be channeling David Bromstead for that one.
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Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Scalamandre Leopard

A 70 year old commitment to elegance Scalamandre, is one of the world’s most prestigious fabric houses worldwide.
Known for their silks, damasks and velvets, Scalamandre has expanded their line to include contemporary fabrics, trimmings and wallpapers including new toiles, outdoor fabrics, florals, animal prints and geometrics.
Scalamandre textiles are often featured in the leading interior design projects and magazines, offering an array of choices for the most discriminating consumer.

I just finished these 24” pillows with 100% down inserts for an awesome antique dealer in town.  They have a gold colored solid silk velvet on the back and for the cording.




You can see the backs are gold silk velvet with zippers at the bottom.


Since I don’t have pictures of them in their new home let’s look at some images of similar pillows. 

I am crazy about Mary McDonald and her glamorous and sophisticated style. She uses a velvet leopard for pillows on her needlepoint settee in the foyer, which is decorated for Christmas in the photo below.


Image from Veranda Photo by Miguel Flores-Vianna

The room below was decorated by Palmer Weiss.  In an article by Donna Sapolin at Decorati she said, “ I make almost everyone spend more than $500 on a pillow at some point. That cost stems from the fabric; I always inject a high-end animal print into my designs-one that probably costs between $750 and $1000 a yard. We might just use a yard on a single pillow or even on just one side of a pillow.”  There’s the Scalamandre Leopard pillow on the sofa.


Image from Decorati

Here they are shown in a chic little sitting room at the 2009 DIFFA Dining By Design event.  Susan Lawton placed them on a settee, look how handsome they are !


Image from Habitually Chic

You may remember my post on the Scalamandre Tiger Silk, it’s equally as fabulous !

Now, how many would you like ?

I’ll be joining Met Monday……..

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