Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Jackie Von Tobel Interview


Last week I had the pleasure of meeting Jackie Von Tobel at the High Point Furniture Market.  She is an amazing interior designer and has published two books that cover everything you ever need to know about window treatments and bedding.  Her window treatment book has over 1,300 gorgeous full color illustrations.   I bought this book last year and it is the first one I go to when needing inspiration.


Her most recent book is The Design Directory of Bedding and has over 500 pages of unbelievably beautiful bed treatments. It’s full of drawings of  bed coverings, skirts, pillows, headboards and canopies that are works of art.


Jackie has designed a line of fabrics that I am in love with. They are available on her website and are made of natural and organic materials. These are a few of my favorite’s, the first one is named after her daughter, Angelica.  Isn’t that so sweet !

JVTangel              JVTsuz


JVTcirtrell          JVTmoon

She also has lots of gorgeous pillows, I love this paisley one.


What an awesome home office and look at those fancy sewing machines !




Minutes Matter is a design software for space planning and rendering window treatments.  Once the illustration is finalized, simply add dimension lines to create a workroom and installation spec sheet. 


Jackie’s drawings are available as an add on module to the Studio program.  You can easily add her designs and any fabric to a photo of your window.  It’s a wonderful tool for those that have a hard time visualizing the end result.

183   188_crop

I really enjoyed meeting Jackie, she was so sweet and nice enough to let me interview her for my blog.

1)  As a child you sewed draperies and bedding for your dollhouse.  Did you ever fabricate window treatments for your clients ?

JVT - I always sewed my clients pillow fronts, decorative throws and other fun stuff and then I sent them to the workroom to have the zippers put in because I hate that part!  I've sewn many window treatments for my own home but for my clients I always used a professional workroom.  My workrooms always did a fabulous job for me and made many of my most difficult designs look easy to make.  I truly admire the skill and dedication it takes to become a workroom professional.  Without them my designs would remain on paper.  All through my career as a designer my favorite moments were drapery installations.  They were like watching my dreams become a reality.

2)  I realize this is probably asking which one of your children is your favorite but, which sketch from your book is your favorite treatment ?

JVT - The illustration on the cover of my window treatment book is probably my favorite because it shows a treatment that embodies my signature style. I love to layer different fabrics over one another to create a very dimensional look that also has several levels of functionality.  I also like to expose the decorative hardware used so you can really see the beauty of the rod and rings. That illustration has all of those elements. 

3)  I know you just returned from the furniture market in High Point.  What was the highlight for you ? 

JVT - Of course I love the new products and beautiful showrooms but for me my favorite part of market is getting together with old and new friends and sharing stories about the biz.  The Tweet Up at Global Views was very fun and I got to meet many online friends in person for the first time.  It was a thrill to meet you in person after talking to you via my blog for so long.  I find it funny that I only recognize people by their online names.  If they only say there actual name I have no idea who I am talking to but as soon as they mention their web name I instantly recognize them. 

4) You've worn many hats throughout your career.......... designer, speaker, artist, author.  Is there something else you would like to do that you haven't done yet ?

JVT - I feel like I am already doing so many things in my career that I had never envisioned myself doing.  It has been a blessing to have these opportunities but I think one of the most important things in life is to be open to change and to not be afraid of taking risks as it might lead you down roads you would never have traveled on your own.  I am really enjoying designing product and hope I have the opportunity to do more in that area.  I have a new marketing system with Minutes Matter, The Power of Marketing which should be released this summer and new JVT Bedding modules for Studio which will be available at the end of the year.  I am also writing two new books that will be released in 2012, The Design Directory of Soft Furnishings Volumes I & II.  They will cover many categories including upholstery, slip covers, table linens, etc. 



The Zhush said...

Wow...she is amazing! Love the idea of being able to visualize the fabrics with the software like that, that is right up my ally. And those gorgeous fabrics too!

Karen@StrictlySimpleStyle said...

What a fabulous home office. I'd never want to leave.

AB HOME Interiors said...

Wow thanks for the intro. Ive never heard of her but I love the idea of the minutes matter software. Visual tools make creativity selling so much easier. Clients just can't see stuff and if they dont understand it is hard to sell a $6K dollar idea on a wing and a prayer!

Anonymous said...

Good interview Tammy: I like your questions...personal, but professional. Some day I want to go to High Point!!

Annie Davis said...

It's so cool that you got to meet Jackie. She's on my "want to meet" list! :)

Sally@DivineDistractions said...

What a treat for you to meet Jackie! We use her book for inspiration all the time. We use the software from Dream Draper...very similar as I can tell. It's great to be able to show our clients what the finished product will look like!

Karena said...

Tammy, excellent interview, very interesting, Jackie is superb!

Art by Karena

Andrea said...

Thanks for the introduction, I am definitely going to look her up, and what a great interviewer you are!

ashlina said...

oh my sweet....i think what you are doing is so fabulous. i am jealous! you are getting to make amazing window dressings, and meet fantastic people while doing it. soooo inspiring!
ps. great interview!

hope you have a beautiful weekend! xoxo

Absolutely Ladylike said...

I enjoyed this interview so much dear Tammy...she's incredibly talented. I love her style!

Hope you're having a lovely weekend my dear friend!

Cheers: Evi

Maria Killam said...

I paid a lot of money to learn Dream Draper (which looks similar) and haven't used it once!

Jackie Von Tobel said...

Tammy, Thanks so much for the fabulous post! It was great getting to meet you in person and you're just as sweet in reality as you are online. Love your blog and I hope we can meet up again soon.

Storibook Designs said...

You are a fantastic interviewer Tammy! You asked Jackie some great questions. I'm not sure but I tnink I might be just as in love with her home office as her books!! I really need to order the chain set of her fabric samples. They are GORGEOUS!!

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