Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Custom Home Furnishings Academy

This weekend I attended classes at the Custom Home Furnishings Academy in Charlotte, NC. www.CFHacademy.com It began as a drapery school 10 years ago and now offers classes in sewing, upholstery, installation and business classes.

I took these photos of samples window treatments at the school while I was there. Adding trim and fringe can make such a difference in the look of a valance.
This one had all the bells and whistles..... The top is arched and goblet pleated. There is bullion fringe on the bottom and as you raise the shade the bottom arches as well. They had hundreds of samples on display, these are just a few. Enjoy ! I ran across this poem and thought it was cute...

A Well Dressed Window
By: Christine Trebendis
Many Clients want advice
To cozy up their home.
And often all it really needs......
A well dressed window to set the tone.

It frames your view of the outside world
And will impact the room's decor.
For many a dramatic focal point.
The "wow" when you walk through the door.

So many styles to choose from;
Whether valance, swag or jabot.
To be combined with panels, shades or blinds;
Beautiful together or even alone.

Layers upon layers of fabric;
Blanket your home in warmth and style.
Your room will have that finishing touch;
To sit down and stay awhile.

If you're lacking in the talent
To create this on your own.
Check out the internet or yellow pages.
It's time----pick up the phone.


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