Thursday, August 20, 2009

Wall Decal

I had a wall in my bedroom that desperately needed something. I thought about getting some canvases and unleashing my inner artist but I decided against that. So, after searching the internet I found this cherry blossom tree at Dali Decals. I received my birthday wall decal in the mail yesterday and we went straight to work after dinner. My sweetie helped me with the installation, it is a 2 person job.
I choose a matte chocolate brown for the trunk and a metallic silver for the flowers and leaves. You can have it made in any color you like. This is not finished yet because it only has about half of the 500 individual, yes I said individual, flowers and leaves. Tonight we will finish putting the rest of them on and I will post the final pic tomorrow. I am loving it so far !


Anonymous said...

OMG thats so pretty! ive bee really looking into wall decals for my room and decided to start with a quote above my bed i found here at amazon

hope it turns out as nice as your room :)

Sassy Chica said...

OOH-LA-LA, What a gorgeous the tree and posh design.

Sassy Chica

Vitania said...

ooh - i am loving this so far too! Can't wait to see it completed !

Beautiful blog you have here !! off to see the headboards..

Maria Killam said...

I missed this one on the process! Very cool!

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