Thursday, September 10, 2009

How High You Should Hang Your Draperies

When you have tall 2 story windows some people don't know where to hang their draperies. My client's room had gorgeous 19' windows in their great room. If you hang your window treatments above the first set of windows it brings your eye down and you lose the beauty of the tall ceilings and windows. Windows are the focal point of the room and shouldn't be covered up and hidden. We extended the panels out about 15" on each side to preserve the view.
We choose these 5" square filigree medallions from Finestra in oxidized copper to hang the panels from. My installer turned them to make diamonds instead of squares. These are tied back about 5.5' from the floor because that is roughly 1/3 the length of the panel.

The fabric for the draperies and pillows was a linen with wooden and metal beads sewn onto it. I had to hand sew the entire panels because the beads would not go under my machine. When you are buying custom work be prepared to pay more for hand sewing.

When you hang you draperies mount them all the way up to the crown molding and go out 5-20" from the window. It will make your room feel taller and bigger and you will love it. How high are your draperies hung ?


AB HOME Interiors said...

Amen to this! I have clients (all the time) that think this is ridiculous to pay for all that extra height and think it is senseless to take the drapes all the way up. Oh but they are so beautiful and dramatic when they utilize the full height of the room. Just gorgeous!

Maria Killam said...

Gorgeous, I love the green!
Could you advise me on a room I'm working on? I'm completely stumped on what to do?, 2 windows like a bay but then one crescent window ABOVE the one in the middle!! What do I do with that??

Tammy Tant said...

Can you send me a picture of that window ? It sounds very unusual.

Kathy @ Creative Home Expressions said...

Love that green! I hang all my drapes as close to the ceiling as is comfortable for me to remove the rod if I need to. I love doing this and it does absolutely make a difference. I always tell my clients this as well.

Room to Inspire said...

The green looks great and I love the length of these...great window. I tend to go close to the ceiling when hanging my drapery rods just to give the illusion of a taller window frame.


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