Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Moving Things Around

Some pieces of furniture are bought for a particular spot in our homes but I love the pieces that can get moved around to different rooms and work there too ! It’s like getting new furniture. This bench has been in my foyer, at the breakfast table, in my bedroom and now it’s sitting in my office/study.

Grommet panels

That’s when the musical chairs game starts because the console table that was there needs to find a new home. Try the foyer…no, too deep, how about the bedroom…… this spot never felt right to me.



Yes, a perfect place to make a perfume bar………


perfume bar

As long as I’m glamming it up, might as well have a cute place for my jewelry. So, the mirrored table moves from the foyer to the bedroom.

jewelry storage

When I moved the bench to the study then I had to move the old bench back to the master. It’s time for new fabric because my dog ruined the cream cut velvet. Do you like this one ?


Somehow, I ended up with an empty spot in my foyer nook. Just need to decide what to build for there, a bookcase, a rectangle table with fabric skirt or a bench with a tall tufted back.

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Kathy @ Creative Home Expressions said...

It's always fun to get a new look just by moving around stuff we already have, Tammy. Love that console table in your bedroom. It makes for a great place to put your perfume bottles.

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